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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Help Witness save up your clean used caps and lids so we can “purchase” a bench for the Church! We are currently collecting caps (see the flyer on the right).  If you would like to help in this mission to help keep plastic out of the landfill and build a bench for our church, please drop off your collections at the church during business hours: Tues. and Thurs. from 10 am- 2 pm.  Thanks!

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Witness is helping to be a “driving” force in helping Mark Lancaster & others in the district to get an 18-passenger Toyota HiAce for our friends in Nigeria. This vehicle, which we are calling “The Bus” will help get children to school. Not having to walk reduces opportunists from kidnapping, assaulting, or harassing children who should feel as safe attending school. 

Mark has made contact with many people in the district and other related Christian organizations affiliated with Church of the Brethren. Our goal is to help to collect enough

money to get the funds together for a used Hiace by Easter. Now, if we can’t get everything by Easter, please don’t worry. We will collect until there’s enough money to get this baby hatched! Please hop to it!! 

How can we think about the awesomeness of purchasing a vehicle not even available in the US? It’ll be a used vehicle and may require periodically repairs. So if we think in terms of fostering a large van for a couple of years, we will be able to contribute to Mark’s $10,500 goal pretty easily. Remember, Mark is working with other congregations. We are in this together!! 

The following list of prices are relevant to fixing a Toyota pickup or van; it’s near impossible to find a price list for a Hiace. A few estimates are from friends at Firestone Complete Auto Care on Airway, but most are from, CARiD,,, & Toyota of Ft. Worth.

Feel free to adopt the part of your choice then send your contributions to Ed Petry. 

Please note in the MEMO LINE which part of your offering is driving “The Bus.”


  • Air Filter $15.80 – $21.41 

  • Air Filter Housing $375.00 

  • Axle with shaft $251.40 

  • Ball joint $48.44 

  • Battery $95.00 – $120.00 

  • Brake Pads $28.98 – $48.96 

  • Brake Rotors $88.00 

  • Cold Air Intake Kit $299.00 

  • Control Arm (not the Mom variety!) $83.15 

  • Distributor Cap $31.58 

  • Distributor Replacement $78.95 

  • Distributor Rotor $3.73 – $7.58 

  • Door Handles $42.00 yields two front door handles 

  • Engine Parts $300.00 – $500.00 

  • Exhaust System $262.90 

  • Ignition Coil Replacement $24.00 

  • Ignition Control Unit $259.43 

  • Knock Sensors $25.00 or up to $266.58! 

  • Oil Filter $7.00 – $15.00 

  • Spark Plug Wires $28.43 – $42.58 

  • Starter $143.58 

  • Steering Wheel Column $863.77 – $1799.27 

  • Tail Pipe $36.00 – $66.30 

  • Timing Belt $99.95 – $235.00 

  • Tire $90.00 – $200 each 

  • Transmission $1300.00 – $1600.00 

  • Turbo Core Cartridge $95.00 

  • Water Pump $39.00 – $75.00 

*Prices proudly verified by Paula, your pseudo auto repair apprentice.


Another Good Samaritan Story

  By Paula J. Ali

Here’s an update regarding three visits to Matthew 25 Ministries in Blue Ash, Ohio.

The first visit was an exploratory one – I needed a place to donate my husband’s wheelchair, which was in great need of some TLC before it would be in donation-worthy condition. I thought his wheelchair might languish in a local second-hand store or someone’s basement, and that idea made me a little sad. I really wanted someone to be able to appreciate it and use it. Also needed:  A place fully prepared to recycle or reuse the hundreds of prescription medicine bottles John and I had collected while he was ill. I liked the idea of the Matthew 25 organization because the founder, Tim Mettey, had visited Nicaragua in the 1980’s, and that visit prompted him to envision a humanitarian effort to make use of things people in the US often simply throw away.  My husband, John, had gone on a Witness for Peace trip to Nicaragua in the 1980’s, so I thought if this place seemed legit that John would be happy knowing a few of his possessions might help someone in genuine need. I also continue to dream that just maybe a few of the 20 pairs of “skinny jeans” I recently found in an old trunk, or that wheelchair, or his huge outdated orange rucksack might end up in a place like Nicaragua.

Matthew 25 is an ever-changing dedicated collection, processing, and distribution center. The philosophy at Matthew 25 is based on the story of the Good Samaritan ( Volunteer opportunities vary depending on the day of the week, the season, the materials they need to process, and the ability level of the volunteer. (Volunteer opportunities for older adults and special needs groups are always available, and their contributions are much appreciated.)

On my second trip, our Sunday School girls went.  We learned a great deal as we toured a global village together, and then we sorted clothing donations by age group. It was easy to see on that first day of volunteering, we’d found a local destination where humanitarian aid is processed daily and sent regularly. This seemed important to those of us who wanted to “just do something,” even though many of us don’t have the skills or the opportunities to pick up and help at a local disaster site.  After a series straight line windstorms and tornadoes in the Miami Valley and in other US cities and after several devastating hurricanes and other disasters nationally and internationally, it was important to find a place where we could donate items fast . . . and without incurring shipping charges to get our offerings – whatever those might be – to a distribution facility.

On the third trip, we received reassurance the clothing sorted by our Sunday School class probably went to communities in Appalachia, which could utilize a range options from snowsuits to summer clothing.  (It was a relief to know it was unlikely people rebuilding in the Bahamas would be gifted with a bunch of winter clothing.)

On that third visit, Kathy and I learned more about the massive corporate donations M25M partners with as we sorted pristine new bottles of Garnier shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products.  Matthew 25 receives regular donations from Cintas, a uniform apparel corporation based in Cincinnati. Matthew 25’s “business strategy” allows the organization to partner with corporations across the US to give new life to products and materials that would otherwise go unused. 

Witness will continue to make periodic visits to Matthew 25 to drop off used items and prescription bottles. We can take other items as well…feel free to ask if you’d like us to take something.

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